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MedTech Roundup

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What to Expect During Novasyte Health's Interview Process

Posted by Ryan Buchanan on Jul 9, 2019 11:07:51 AM

Novasyte Health, an IQVIA™ company, has a multi-step interview process when bringing new candidates on board as consultants. We often receive questions about what to expect during a job interview and the other steps involved in the process. Below, we put together a quick overview of what to anticipate when you apply for a position with Novasyte Health. 

This overview will follow the five-step process that most new candidates follow while moving through the interview process. Since Novasyte Health is partnered with some of the top MedTech manufacturers in the industry, some variance can be expected during an interview. However, the overview below will show what is commonly required to become a Novasyte Health employee.

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Top 5 Sleeping Tips for Travelers

Posted by Charlotte Morello on Aug 3, 2017 1:33:00 PM

Travel and sleep go hand in hand. Or at least you hope they do if you want to have a productive business trip. 

Business travel isn't always easy or stress-free. Late nights, running through terminals, and shifting your internal clock can be a bad recipe for sleep.

As we get older, sleep while traveling becomes increasingly important and more of a priority. Furthermore, projecting a level of alertness and awareness for your meeting in a few hours is critical to your job's success. According to webmd, "Excessive daytime sleepiness impairs memory and the ability to think and process information."

Check out our best practices to help you get the best rest on your next business trip!

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6 Best Practices to Pack Efficiently for a Work Trip

Posted by Charlotte Morello on Jun 12, 2017 6:26:03 PM

You have a work assignment coming up in a new city. Great news! First things first, you need to pack. If you're like me, your excitement suddenly drops. 

When attempting to pack everything I need for a multi-day work trip into my carry-on luggage,  my anxiety kicks in as I know it will take strategic planning, a few hours, and inevitably I will leave something behind.

By following these helpful hacks, you will feel more prepared for your upcoming adventure and be able to cut your packing time in half. Or at least that is the goal, right?

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