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What to Expect During Novasyte Health's Interview Process

Posted by Ryan Buchanan on Jul 9, 2019 11:07:51 AM
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Novasyte Health, an IQVIA™ company, has a multi-step interview process when bringing new candidates on board as consultants. We often receive questions about what to expect during a job interview and the other steps involved in the process. Below, we put together a quick overview of what to anticipate when you apply for a position with Novasyte Health. 

This overview will follow the five-step process that most new candidates follow while moving through the interview process. Since Novasyte Health is partnered with some of the top MedTech manufacturers in the industry, some variance can be expected during an interview. However, the overview below will show what is commonly required to become a Novasyte Health employee.

Step 1: Application

The first step in the interview process is to apply. There are several ways to apply for positions with Novasyte Health. The first is through our website, which has a link to our Careers page where our positions are listed. The site allows you to submit a resume for the position in which you are interested. Doing this will put your information in a queue for our recruiters to review.

The second method for applying is through Indeed. Indeed is a job site that allows users to upload a resume and browse available jobs online. Novasyte Health posts many positions on Indeed for active job searchers. Submitting an Indeed resume will put your information in the same queue as it would if applying through the corporate site. In all situations, be sure to include your preferred contact method. We recommend that you include a name, phone number and email address at the minimum.

Step 2: Phone Screen

After a Novasyte Health recruiter reviews your resume, they will determine if your experience matches the qualifications required by the client for the position. If your experience is in line with the position, a Novasyte Health recruiter will give you a call. They will also follow up with an email. This allows you to work out a time to set up a phone screen (often referred to as “prescreen”) conversation. The prescreen conversation is when the recruiter will tell the candidate about the details of the position and discuss the requirements for moving forward.Novastye-93

During the phone screen, you can expect to discuss previous employment, your current schedule/ availability and potential next steps. Phone screens generally last approximately 15 minutes, but can vary depending on the program you are applying for and how many questions candidates have about our company and the role. This call is also when you will set up the next step in the hiring process, which is typically the virtual interview.

Step 3: Virtual Interview

The virtual interview usually takes place within a week from the phone screen. Virtual interviews are a good way for the company to have a “face-to-face” interaction with candidates without the travel required for an in-person interview. Novasyte Health has positions and consultants all over the U.S. and Canada, so most of the interactions take place remotely.

During this step of our interview process, candidates can expect to discuss their understanding of the position. Once the duties and expectations are thoroughly reviewed, the interviewer will begin discussing “situational questions” with the applicant. These questions are often based on reactions to certain situations that can occur while on the job. A few examples of those questions might be: “How would you be a strong brand representative for our company?” or “How do you deal with difficult coworkers and customers?” Once all of those questions are asked, the interviewer typically sets up a prep call with an Account Manager.

Step 4: Prep Call

Account Managers are Novayste Health’s corporate employees who manage relationships with client partners. They are the ones who will call candidates for the prep call. During this step, candidates and Account Managers discuss some of the expectations that the Novasyte Health client partner (medical device manufacturer) may have set for potential employees. Account Managers will decide whether the candidate will be a fit for a client-facing interview, which is generally regarded as the final step in the interview process.

The Account Manager will do a final confirmation of the information gathered in the previous steps of the interview process and then begin to discuss some of the client partner’s interview styles. Each client will have different interviewers with different styles which is why the prep call is so important. Some may want to bring the candidate into their corporate office for an in-person interview while others may prefer a short phone call as a final interview.

The prep call is also a candidate’s last chance to show Novasyte Health that they deserve the job and to make some of their final remarks as to why they should move to a final interview with the client partner. At the end of the call, the Account Manager will send the information over to the client partner for final review and set up the final interview pending client approval.

Step 5: Client Partner Interview

The Novasyte Health client partner interview can vary. In most cases, the client partner interview will be a phone call or a virtual webcam interview. In some cases, and depending on the location, it can be an in-person interview. While each client partner interview can vary, most candidates can expect to answer Novastye-257-1questions about their understanding of the position and about their experience in the field.

Once approval is received from the client partner, Novasyte Health can begin the onboarding process.  This includes an offer letter and employee paperwork. Once all of the paperwork is complete, new hires begin their training with Novasyte Health and the respective client partner. If the candidate is not approved, they are notified and will be kept in our system for potential opportunities with other clients.

Novasyte Health keeps open positions up to date and visible for all those hoping to apply. The bulk of open positions can be found on our careers website and on Indeed. We always accept resumes and even if a position isn’t a good fit when you apply, you can always keep in touch with your recruiter for future roles.

Our corporate team is available to help you every step of the way. We do our best to contact as many applicants as possible. We hope that this overview has been helpful for you and can act as a preliminary guide to what you can expect as you apply to work with us here at Novasyte Health.

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