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Welcome, Johnny Wang, Our New Healthcare Recruiter

Posted by Jaimie C. Burke on May 19, 2021 11:08:00 AM
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Johnny Wang - BlogNovasyte Health, an IQVIA™ company, is proud to welcome its newest member of the corporate team, Johnny Wang, who officially started his role as Healthcare Recruiter in April 2021.

Learn more about Johnny with his Q&A session below.



"Why did you decide to join the Novasyte team?"

I decided to join the Novasyte team after a sequence of happenings. I hadn't heard of Novasyte until a job posting shared caught my eye and it was one of those situations where I became more and more interested as I learned more about what the company was. I ultimately made my decision to join because of the interview process where I felt care and attention put into following through with what I was told and also the people that I met who seemingly loved the culture and feel of working here.

"What do you hope to contribute to our growing organization?"

I hope to contribute my full self and all of my experiences to Novasyte. I hope to be able to bring who I am, while doing the least hat/code-switching to be able to be effective and authentic in conversations, meetings, and team-building.

"Where are you from originally?"

I am California born and raised! Generally, if I meet someone from the Bay Area or the LA area, I'll say "hey, I'm from there!" I moved around California several times growing up and spent half my time in SoCal and half in NorCal. I identify the most with the East Bay because of my formative years, but my parents live outside of LA.

"Who inspires you?"

I am most inspired by my partner, Arnelle, and our husky, Luna. Arnelle drives me to continually give my best and to always seek opportunities to grow and develop. She is my inspiration because she does the same and constantly impresses me with what she has learned and is able to do, so I try to be just as impressive. Luna inspires me to get out of bed early in the morning to make sure I take her on a walk.

"Where is your favorite place in the world?"

My favorite place in the world would probably be Tian Zi Fang in Shanghai. If you were to ask me this question again, my answer could potentially change, but take a look and imagine walking around through the outdoor shopping alleys/marketplace. I dream about being back there!

"What was the best concert you have ever attended?"

I'm not really a concert person and can easily have a bad time trying to stand/stay in one spot for hours around crowds. But, for the right concert, I am all about it. My favorite by far would be Toro y Moi on his Outer Peace tour in 2019.

"What is a fun fact about you?"

I grew up as a restaurant-kid where after school, I would walk to my parents restaurant and spend my whole day there. It's where I would keep my school books and where we had internet/cable instead of at home.


Looking for a new career? Join the Novasyte Health team by applying today. 


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